NRS scan data was recently featured in the June edition of CStoreDecisions 2021 Tobacco Outlook.
Through May 15, 2021, small format independent stores are seeing a 6% increase in cigarette sales YTD
versus last year. This is impressive growth for stores that benefited from increased cigarette sales of 8%
in 2020. Below is a deeper dive into the category which provides exclusive content to our newsletter


  • Deep Discount is a segment of the category that is outpacing the rest
    • Deep discount makes up 20% of all cigarette sales – volume up 10% vs LY
    • Carton sales are up 22% – currently 33% of all deep discount volume
  • Premium sales up 5% YTD vs LY
    • Carton volume is up 10%
  • Menthol makes up just under 40% – down slightly from its contribution in 2020, despite an
    increase in legislative bans

    The nuances of the metropolitan independent retailer present different opportunities for tobacco
    manufacturers. Our clients who are leveraging the NRS scan data, to expose and activate insights are
    benefiting from sales and profit growth.

    Brand Rank on Carton Vol
    deep dive into 2021 YTD cigarette performance