New Product Launch Support

Launching a new product? Gaining distribution in Independent Convenience Stores is often a missing piece to your launch Strategy. With Independents representing over 65% of the Convenience Channel outlets, having an Independent launch strategy is essential to its success.

The NRS Solution Portfolio can be leveraged in part or in whole to effectively:


  • Inform merchants of the launch and where to buy the product merchant campaign.
  • Use the store-level point-of-sale data to target stores for speed-to-market goals based on sales of Category or like products or demographics.  independent c-store insights.
  • Employ NRS field sales to “sell in” your product, place displays, distribute retailer samples, and even distribute product for distribution seeding* Retail execution.
  • Advertise new product to shoppers once product is on-shelf DOOH.
  • Monitor distribution “stickiness”, share, turns, and pricing once the product is in distribution through the store-level scanner data independent c-store insights.