Independent Retailer Trade Programs

Through one central point of contact, administrate and fulfill your Independent Retailer Trade Program to over nearly 24,000 individual Merchants and use the NRS Scanner Data to measure compliance and calculate payments.

With the NRS you can:


  • Distribute Program Materials: Through the NRS digital merchant screen integrated with the POS terminal and other Merchant engagement vehicles, you can communicate your program requirements and benefits efficiently and electronically.
  • Pay on Scan: Maximize the ROI of your trade spend by paying on scanned sales vs. shipments. NRS makes it easy for you by tracking compliance with the scanner data and handling payment fulfillment for you.
  • Flexible and Customizable: NRS enables Manufacturers to offer different programs based on store-type or region, or the specific strategy of the brand/brands included. Program types include: Core Item, New Product Launch, Seasonal Program, Specialty Program tied to demographic shopper segment, New Distribution Program.