Independent C-Store Insights

Independent Convenience Stores account for over 2/3 of the channel’s outlets, however less than 25% of those stores are scanning, making measurement and management a challenge.

With over nearly 24,000 independent stores in our Network across 50 states and 197 DMAs, NRS can equip Brands and Sales teams with the most timely, actionable, and fact-based data to support your Convenience Channel growth strategy.

Our store/UPC level data will enable you to drill into regional and demographic nuances and get a complete picture for stores that typically source product from multiple sources, often not using broadline Convenience Distributors.

With the NRS data you can:


  • Increase profit and market share: Identify actionable growth opportunities at the item/store level including identifying distribution voids, assortment opportunities, and targeting specific outlets for new product launches.
  • Improve effectiveness of Retail Execution resources and spend: Identify stores that could be considered for retail coverage based on performance criteria
  • Develop measurable micro-market tactics: Understand how the independent behaves different from Conventional Convenience Chains and formulate a plan to leverage those insights