Interview with Chrissy Brogan the Director of Partner Acquisition for NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network
By: Suzy Silliman

Suzy: NRS is proud to be a data partner within the NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network. I sat down
with Chrissy Brogan, the NRS partner manager, to discuss what this relationship means for NielsenIQ
and its clients.

Suzy: How does the NielsenIQ Connect Partnership Network work?

Chrissy: The NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network is an open marketplace of industry-leading companies
focused on driving elevated insights and actionable results from world-class data.

For our partners, they can leverage NielsenIQ’s robust data, market expertise, and unmatched industry
relationships via an ecosystem built upon critical support and simplified processes to amplify their
business. By easily accessing clear, granular, and actionable data across a shared platform, NielsenIQ
partners can maximize the value of data in existing solutions or innovate new services to bring to market.

For clients, the network provides the power of choice to find the right solution backed by trusted
independent data. We do this by nurturing an ecosystem built upon personal relationships and simplified
processes to connect clients, partners, and ultimately consumers.

Suzy: Describe your role in the NRS – NielsenIQ Partnership?

Chrissy: I am the partner manager for the partnership with NRS, meaning I am their single point of
contact for all things related to NielsenIQ. NRS can reach out to me for anything from questions on the
NielsenIQ data, to clients introductions, to brainstorming new opportunities to drive revenue together.
Simply put, my responsibility is to ensure that NRS feels supported by the partnership network and sees
value in being a partner, both from a revenue standpoint but also from a personal relationship.

Suzy: What excites you the most about this Partnership and what it brings to your clients and the

Chrissy: The NRS data is a great complement to the NielsenIQ sales data channel coverage. It’s exciting
to me to have a partner that offers sales data for the independent, small format stores in urban areas.
Through the partnership, we enable the ability to view the data within the NielsenIQ product hierarchy
and with linkage to the NielsenIQ TDLinx store reference data. The sales data that NRS provides offers
CPG / FMCG brands the opportunity to maximize their sales in this format of stores, which can be
impactful not only for their overall growth strategy but also impactful from a consumer point of view,
given most of these stores have a large multicultural customer base.

Suzy: How has client response been to this offering?

Chrissy: Positive! We have been focusing primarily within the fast moving categories in these small
format stores (beverages, alcohol, snacks, etc.) and it has been important to show the brand specific
insights about the performance of that category and how making a few strategic moves within these
stores could increase their overall sales. One major piece of feedback from clients has been their desire to
analyze the NRS data and NielsenIQ data side by side and we are actively partnering to make that a

Suzy: As many CPG Manufacturer organizations are beginning to work on their FY2022 budgets, why
do you think this is an important retail sector for brands to invest in – and budget for in the coming

Chrissy: I believe the granularity of the data and the ability to report within the NielsenIQ hierarchy
makes it a very powerful and actionable dataset that a client can use right away to make decisions that
drive incremental growth for their business. Whether the strategic focus for the client is succeeding in
growth channels or expanding sales with multicultural consumers, the NRS data is a key tool to reaching
those goals.