The 2020 census results are in — and the biggest takeaways are:

  • Сities/urban areas are growing ~ 9%.
  • Hispanic or Latino demographic is the fastest growing ethnic group and grew by ~23% vs. non-Hispanic or Latino
    growth of 4.3%.

None of these findings came as a surprise. These findings are, however, quantitative reinforcement that CPG brands should — or more strongly said – need to — have urban and Hispanic Sales and Marketing strategies. Strategies that are informed not only by consumer panelists answering survey questions but by granular product sales data collected through outlets that urban dwellers and Hispanic/Latino population groups shop.

We aren’t talking about projected Food/Drug/Mass data. Or even Walmart specific data. We are talking about data collected through independent Bodegas and Neighborhood markets that serve as a primary brick and mortar retailer to these consumers’ daily shopping needs.

National Retail Solutions offers this first-of-its-kind dataset to provide visibility into product performance and shopping behaviors in over 12,000 of these outlet types throughout U.S. major metropolitan cities. Over 90% of NRS stores overindex Hispanic or Latino.

These are stores where Modelo Especial out-sells Bud Light, Dr Pepper CSD brands out-sell PepsiCo, Newport packings out-sell Marlboro, New Amsterdam out-sells Tito’s and McCormick Mayonnaise out-sells Hellman’s and Miracle Whip. Where corn tortillas are the top selling non-Tobacco sku and where shoppers buy more Gold Medal flour than they do Nature Valley granola bars. These are insights that cannot be derived from the popular syndicated datasets yet are crucial to “spot” future demographic influenced trends.

The 2020 Census also reported that:

  • The largest county in the United States in 2020 remains Los Angeles County with over 10 million people.
  • The largest city (incorporated place) in the United States in 2020 remains New York with 8.8 million people.

The NRS network has over 18,000 individual stores in these two markets alone.

And the NRS value-proposition does not end with the data. It begins with the data. NRS also helps Brands inform and engage with these Independent Merchants, administers promotions direct to shopper, and advertises to this hard-to-reach consumer through its Digital-Out-Of-Home-Retail media network – with vibrant, eye level screens in each of these stores. There is no other 360° solution in this market available.

NRS is flexible in working with each client to specifically meet their unique needs and ensure the greatest spend efficiency.

Brands across categories including Tobacco, BevAl, non-Alcoholic Beverages, Candy, Snacks, and non-edible Grocery are already benefiting from these solutions. But NRS should be part of EVERY brand’s short-term and long-term roadmap. And by not, you run the risk of overlooking behaviors or patterns that could have significant consequences on future sales and shares.

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