The NRS data and insights team is excited to be working with Constellation Brands, the producer of the #1 selling Beer brand in the NRS Network, Modelo Especial.

With over half of the 15,500 NRS independents selling beer and a shopper base that largely skews multicultural, the Category performance and brand rank looks different in the NRS Network than with off-premise outlets at large. “Data driven brands appreciate the importance of understanding the ‘metro-independent’, not only as it presents immediate growth opportunities that outpace Conventional Convenience but also because the NRS data is often an early indicator of future trends in mainstream retail,” explains Suzy Silliman – SVP of Data Strategy and Sales at NRS. “Constellation gets it!” she concludes.

Tom Gould, Director of Pricing Insights & Analytics with Constellation Brands explains, “NRS has a unique store level scan-based dataset not captured by other broadly used data offerings. This dataset enables Constellation Brands to better understand category and competitive dynamics to drive stronger strategies and actions. It is fueling both our knowledge and growth with our core consumer and retailer partners.”

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