Sleepless nights manually pulling different datasets together and producing your reports? Way too much time spent answering random, ad hoc questions of your data?

Mammoth Analytics is a code-free data management platform and solutions provider.

Mammoth takes disparate, dirty data from any source and clean, shape, and transform it into whatever output you need. Their cloud-based platform is designed for the person who understands (or wants to understand!) the ever-increasing data at their disposal, but who is not necessarily technical. Increasingly Excel cannot deal with the sheer volume of data being thrown at it.

Mammoth specializes in CPG data and has partnerships with NielsenIQ and Kantar, aggregating and cleaning the data and, crucially, automating both the preparation and the reporting.

While self-serve is one of the popular offerings that Mammoth supports, they we also offer a fully managed end-to-end service (and everything in between) often creating dynamic, interactive dashboards to visualize the data in new and interesting ways. Mammoth is compatible with all visualization tools (e.g. PowerBI, Tableau, etc.), with any software, can export clean data back into Excel, and anywhere else you want it to go.

With time savings of up to 80% and the ability to explore the data yourself, who knows what new insights you can come up with to improve your business. Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Bacardi, BAT, certainly do!

Come see how Mammoth is simplifying data preparation.

Check them out and let me know if you would like an introduction! ~ Suzy