The NRS data and insights team is excited to be working with the King Juice Company Inc, the producer of Calypso lemonades, a top performer in the fruit juice category within the NRS network. With many of the 18,000 NRS independents selling non-alcoholic beverages and a shopper base that largely skews multicultural, the Category performance and brand rank looks different in the NRS Network than with more traditional brick and mortar retailers.

“Working with the Calypso team has been great! They are a very passionate organization when it comes to data and understand the value of the urban independent retailer. Actioning the NRS data set to drive growth and uncover new opportunities has brought excitement to this partnership,” says Brandon Thurber – Director of Scan Data Insights.

Matt Andersen –Chief Innovation and Brand Officer for Calypso explains, “The visibility into the urban independent retailer that NRS can provide is unparalleled. Calypso is looking forward to uncovering new shopper insights and capturing new opportunities. We appreciate the collaboration and knowledge of the NRS team – it is a great partnership.”

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