NRS Insights was proud to exhibit again in the Technology Solutions Center at the NACS 2023 State of the Industry in Dallas last month.

A special thank you to all who stopped by, both current clients taking advantage of the opportunity to chat face to face and CPG Manufacturers and other Channel Partners who were interested in learning more about the NRS solution portfolio.

Brandon and I feel that the quality of conversations that we have at NACS SOI surpasses that of any other Industry event. Being a “data” oriented show, we are connecting with those who care about data and understand the value of having insight into scan data sales from over 20K independents.

This year’s event made history for attendance. What resonated with me more is that it had the highest FIRST TIME ATTENDEE count ever! With many of the Convenience icons retiring over the past year, it was good to see the next generation of Convenience leadership embracing SOI. It was also great to meet some of these new faces. Moreso than ever, data is king (or queen!), and it was even more clear how important the NRS piece of the Convenience puzzle is for brands to succeed.

We also had the opportunity to sit in on some of the sessions. The aggregate numbers presented both through NACS own research and NIQ verified that the stores in the NRS network continue to OUTPERFORM the channel at large. Our network continues to deliver compound year on year growth in dollars, units, and maybe most importantly baskets, which is a good proxy for store traffic. In addition, since the great majority of NRS stores are non-petro, making these comparisons against the “net of gas” metrics further validated the strength of the NRS merchant, and likely the Independent non-gas convenience store operator overall.

While we might sound like a broken record, if you are looking for growth opportunities that outpace the industry overall, you should be working with us! (And you know who you are…. 😊 )

In closing, we thank NACS for hosting this impactful and informational event and appreciate them giving us the opportunity to showcase our solutions.

~ Suzy Silliman
Senior Vice President, Data Strategy & Sales