Suzy Silliman, SVP Data Strategy and Sales recently sat down with Jared Luskin, Head of Platform and Media partnerships with Cardlytics/Bridg to talk about their Rippl platform, a newly announced partnership with NRS, and how Bridg is disrupting how brands think about advertising. 

Suzy: Can you describe at a high level who Cardlytics is and more specifically what Bridg does?

Jared: Cardlytics is an advertising platform in banks’ digital channels. We partner with financial institutions to run their banking rewards programs that promote customer loyalty and deepen banking relationships. In turn, we have a secure view into where and when consumers are spending their money. We use these insights to help marketers identify, reach, and influence likely buyers at scale, as well as measure the true sales impact of marketing campaigns. 

Bridg was acquired by Cardlytics in 2021 and is a data and audience platform for brick and mortar retailers and their CPG partners that powers retail media success. The platform solves a longstanding challenge – identifying, understanding and targeting in-store customers that aren’t part of loyalty or rewards programs. Using our exclusive offline identity resolution capabilities and partners’ point of sale (POS) data, Bridg partners can significantly expand their first-party data to gain access to unique insights, fuel precision targeting and closed-loop measurement, and unlock new monetization opportunities.

Suzy: You recently announced the launch of your Rippl platform including a partnership with NRS that we are super excited about.  Can you explain to our readers what Rippl is and how NRS fits into it all?

Jared: Rippl is a retail data & media network powered by Bridg that addresses the collaboration challenges facing regional grocers and advertisers with retail media. With Rippl, we aim to usher in a new era of data-driven possibilities, substantially amplifying and enriching the first-party data held by regional grocers and convenience stores. By integrating these datasets, Rippl provides advertisers with a nationwide footprint of individual shopper data for analytics, targeting and measurement.

As a Rippl partner, NRS provides access to more than 20M independent convenience store shoppers across the country. With access to these unique consumer profiles, advertisers can tailor their marketing campaigns based on individual product purchases and better meet these shoppers along their buying journey.

Suzy: Why should the NRS data and advertising clients who are reading this newsletter pay attention to Rippl?

Jared: Rippl provides a single point of access to individual shopper profiles with SKU-level data across multiple retailers. As opposed to existing retail media networks, Rippl advertisers and agencies can now create tailored audiences for targeting and personalization based on individual consumer behavior and effectively execute and transparently measure multi-retailer campaigns.

Suzy: What excites you the most about this Partnership and how it’s transforming the marketplace?

Jared: For the first time, advertisers can access individual consumer purchase intelligence; enabling previously unavailable insights, fueling precision targeting, and driving transparent, closed-loop measurement against a key and underdeveloped portion of the retail market – independent convenience store shoppers. This data, when combined with data from Rippl’s regional retail partners, is a large and untapped opportunity for advertisers.

Suzy: What are the one or two things that every Consumer Goods Brand and Agency should know about Rippl?

Jared: Advertisers now have access to previously unavailable individual shopper-level data across regional convenience stores and grocers – facilitating unique insights, the creation of tailored audiences, and direct offsite digital media activation. All this leads to enhanced customer engagement, top line growth, and optimized marketing spend.

Suzy: As companies are solidifying their FY 2024 budgets – how would you suggest they think about Rippl as a means of persona-based activation in 2024? Assuming “new” money is not available, where would brands typically reallocate budget from?

Jared: Most brands are reallocating from national media budgets as Rippl gives them the opportunity to drive scaled personalization, audience expansion and enhanced media optimization.

Suzy: In conclusion, who should our readers contact if they want to learn more?

Jared: Reach out to our executive team at and we will be happy to help solve your data and retail media challenges.